Dried Blood Spot Online Extraction System for Newborn Screening

Dried Blood Spot Online Extraction System for Newborn Screening

Newborn screening of inborn error of metabolism is a public health program provided by most of the countries around the world aimed at screening newborns for a list of serious genetic and metabolic disorders. Early diagnosis of those conditions can help prevent their further development which untreated often results in brain damage, organ damage, and even death. A routine neonatal screening procedure requires that a medical professional takes a few drops of blood from the baby’s heel, applies them onto a filter paper and sends such prepared Dried Blood Spot (DBS) samples to a laboratory for a number of analytical tests. 

Despite the attractive benefits of DBS micro sampling method, conventional DBS sample analysis relies on a ‘punch-and-elute’ approach, which typically requires 1 – 2 hours laborious sample preparation before MS analysis. Carry-over issue from repeated card punching could affect analysis accuracy and precision. Loss of sample traceability is unavoidable once the discs are punched out from the DBS card, posing a high risk of sample mix-up. 

To tackle the aforementioned issues, CAMAG DBS-MS 500 brings in a new approach – direct sample extraction and seamless integration to mass spectrometer.

  • CAMAG DBS-MS 500
  • Chronos


CAMAG’s DBS-MS 500 dried blood spot online extraction system simplifies and enhances bioanalysis for newborn screening, enabling high quality information to be collected in the most efficient manner.

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