AT 70smart

Fully automatic dissolution tester

High throughout dissolution testing

For dissolution testing, the AT 70smart is a fully automated device that permits fast and efficient running of sequence testing of 10 (USP 1) or 15 (USP 2) batches. It is compliant with pharmacopeia methods including USP Apparatus 1 (basket), Apparatus 2 (paddle), Apparatus 5 (paddle over disk), Apparatus 6 (rotating cylinder), Intrinsic Dissolution, Stationary basket and Mini Paddles/Baskets/Vessels. It also fulfils all related EP, JP and CP requirements.

The AT 70smart offers the maximum in flexibility and sample throughput combined with a very efficient cleaning system and is easy to validate. All functional steps (media preparation and delivery, test execution with sampling and filter changes, cleaning) are carried out simultaneously and fully controlled by the WinSOTAXplus dissolution software. A very short and extremely thorough cleaning cycle prevents carryover from test to test.

  • With optional BS60, extremely short intervals between tests, assisted by simultaneous attaching and removing of all test baskets
  • Media change procedures allow additions or replacement of media (half change, full change)
  • Automated media preparation – preheating, degassing and delivery to vessels
  • Testing of a variety of dosage forms such as capsules, pellets and granulates is possible with sinkers and pellet devices
  • Filter station to exchange the filters
  • Hollow Shaft sampling system
  • Automatic lifting of the stirring unit with safety sensors when changing baskets
  • Flexible sampling mode
  • Optional pH monitoring: complete media change, media addition or virtual dilutions available
  • Fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Pharmaceutical industry
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