DT 50

Optimized tablet disintegration in an automated way

Optimized tablet disintegration tester

DT 50 automates the tablet disintegration process in full compliance with current Pharmacopeia regulations. The compact and fashionable wireless design occupies a small footprint but carries all optimized functions in a user-friendly platform.

A precise and homogeneous temperature control is guaranteed with its induction heating technology. Unlike conventional water bath based systems, heating process occurs directly inside the beaker. It quickly heats the medium to your required temperature in just 3-5 minutes, greatly reducing unproductive waiting times.

Whether used as a stand-alone station or linking it into a modular system, DisiTest 50 reserves maximum efficiency and provides comprehensive and consistent results in ready-to-print report format.

  • Ergonomic design features simple operation from test setup to cleaning. The wireless baskets with self-centering magnetic coupling can be conveniently exchanged within seconds
  • With the intuitive and clearly structured display, disintegration status of each tablet can be displayed graphically. Different testing modes assure fast test setup with programmed products and / or method
  • Modular system with up to 4 independent stations and master control via touch-screen panel
  • To completely eliminate waiting times, optional MediaPrep station is available to pre-heat test media for maximum efficiency
  • Strokes per minute: 30 ± 1
  • Stroke height: 55mm ± 2
  • Temperature Range: 25 – 40℃
  • Program capacity: up to 100 products / methods
  • Dimension: 225mm (W) x 460mm (H) x 200mm (D)
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Tablet Testing
  • R&D and QC in pharmaceutical industry
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