HT 100

Sotax's most sophisticated tablet hardness testing device

Fully automated tablet hardness testing device

The SOTAX HT 100 is the fastest and most sophisticated hardness testing device in the HT range, featuring automated testing of the most important physical parameters: weight, thickness, diameter or length and hardness of up to 10 different products or batches, e.g. tablets, dragées, oblongs, effervescent tablets or similar drug delivery systems. Featuring the revolutionary patented Auto Alignment™ device and the Auto Separator device, it gives consistent, trouble-free results for all shapes and sizes of tablets batch after batch. Hardness is measured using either the Constant Speed or the Constant Force measurement principle, with excellent reproducibility.

  • The Auto Alignment™ device automatically aligns even the most difficult of tablet shapes, giving highly accurate results
  • Separates all shapes and sizes of tablets with ease, using the vibration-free Auto Separator; no manual adjustments required
  • HT 100 has ten chambers with a capacity of 115 ml each (equivalent to 200 medium-sized tablets) for the automated handling of up to 10 different products or batches
  • Unique tablet weighing station eliminates problems associated with tablet debris and dust
  • Internal Mettler balance to fulfil quality control and research requirements
  • Measuring range as standard 4 to 500 N (or optional 4 to 1,000 N)
  • Simplified calibration method
  • Controlled by 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and LIMS capable quality documentation software for Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Four-station transporter
  • R&D and QC in pharmaceutical industry
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