DMS X Health China

DMS x Healthy China

Prevention is the main focus: from "sickness" as the center to "health" as the center, from "treating known disease "to "treating unknown disease."

Question: How do you find “unknown disease” (sub-health status or primary stage of disease)? The symptoms in the primary stage of the disease are not obvious and difficult to detect by patients themselves. Regular physical examinations are required to monitor health status through health screening.

National Public Health: Comprehensive health means a wide range of coverage.

Lead to two questions:

  • whether the price is effective, the people can afford it;
  • How to solve the problem of imbalanced medical resources, not only “healthy Beijing”, “healthy Shanghai”, “healthy Guangzhou”, but also the people in remote areas can enjoy the benefits of “healthy China”.

Key population

Prevention first, everyone is healthy

新生儿筛检 CAMAG
Critical patients

These people are characterized by limited mobility and poor physical tolerance, so the screening for their health should be based on the principle of facilitation and minimal intrusion.

Because DMS is simple, convenient, safe and reliable, combining with the mature and efficient logistics system, it makes health screening a very simple matter.

For the key populations of infants, seniors and critical patients, DMS has the characteristics of minimally invasive and low-invasive, which can greatly reduce the psychological and physical burden of the subjects and improve their compliance.

Since the material of DMS sampling card is filter paper, it can control the cost very well and is suitable for large-scale population screening. And its high mobility features enable the remote sampling then sent to a central laboratory for testing. Let people in remote areas enjoy the developed medical testing services as those in big cities.

Unique card design

It is one of the designated collection media by FDA as in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices. The filter paper contains four small circle areas for easy filling of the liquid sample.


Taking whole blood as an example, about 15 μL of whole blood can be stored at each small circle, and the hematocrit of sample is 50 - 55%.

Unique identification code (BARCODE)

Each DMS card provides a unique identification code to facilitate sample identification and post-QC testing that will reduce human error and greatly improve work efficiency.

DBS DMS 样品收集卡

DMS vs Traditional solution​

Taking whole blood as an example

Easy sampling and transportation

DMS samples can be stored on a small card, easily transported and stored at room temperature without any special treatment.

Storage mode

DMS is a non-traditional tube-tube storage model that reduces sample shipping and storage costs and greatly reduces storage space. In the future, biotech companies can also store samples for customers for a long time, and interpret the big data contained in DMS cards (analytes such as DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites, etc.).

Low cost storage equipment

A new generation of DMS cards eliminate the need for expensive cryogenic storage equipment (-80 ° C refrigerator, -196 ° C liquid nitrogen tank), while DMS long-term storage is at room temperature or -20 ° C, greatly reducing storage costs. Before the sample analysis, there is no need for professionals to complete the sample preparation process.

Healthy China

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