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Sample bank

DMS Sample Bank

DMS (Dried Matrix Spot) can collect micro quantity of liquid. Through a piece of DMS card, liquid samples can be collected anywhere and store easily without cool chains. It can be directly analyzed with LC/MS and apply to areas such as diagnosis, pharmacy, food and environmental monitoring to create accurate, low-cost databases.
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USP 4 Dissolution

USP 4 (Flow-Through Cell Dissolution) helps to overcome potential challenges linked to method development for a variety of dosage forms. Compared with the paddle method and basket method, it simulates the situation in human body more realistically, and obtain a more accurate results which can help to achieve consistency evaluation and bioequivalency (BE).
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Automated Sample Preparation


A modular robotic platform designed for automated reaction and sample preparation, the Chemspeed SWING’s versatility makes it suitable for sample preparation across a diverse array of applications and facilitates high-throughput automation of substance handling tasks.
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TPW 片剂样品前处理工作站可用于药物开发和质量保证中最常见药物测试的全自动样品前处理和分析,例如稳定性和均匀度测试等。

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