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With increasing economic demands, it is becoming progressively more important to gain additional information on drug candidates early in the development cycle. Better informed decision can be made during the selection of candidates if further solid state information is available – saving time and money later on in the development process. But early stage drug candidates are difficult and expensive to produce and often only a single gram of materials is available.
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Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is helping to considerably improve, even revolutionize technology and different industry sectors: information technology, energy, environmental science, medicine, homeland security, food safety, and transportation, etc. By using nanotechnology, materials can effectively become stronger, lighter, more durable, more reactive, more sieve-like, or better electrical conductors.
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Pharmaceutical Testing

Quality control is indispensable in the pharmaceutical product development process to ensure that the drug substance and other raw materials are suitable for use in your drug product and to ensure that the drug product manufactured meets the quality standards. Quality control is required throughout the entire development process, from drug substance and raw material control, through intermediate drug product testing, to finished drug product release testing, bioavailability and stability studies. By having a comprehensive understanding of the physical and chemical properties of your drug substances and drug products, you can develop the most appropriate drug product formulations.
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Throughout history, valuable therapeutic ingredients have always been derived from plants. Today, natural compounds play an increasingly important role in many areas of research and development. Fractionation and separation of samples obtained from nature remain time-consuming, tedious and extremely expensive even though the assays for testing these samples have become faster and more cost-effective due to advanced high-throughput screening processes. Processing natural product extracts becomes a major bottleneck, constricting the pace of drug discovery. To ensure that the separation is both reproducible and reliable, it would therefore be your benefit to have an automated process in place for natural compound purification.
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Herbal researchers have long been seeking robust tools for screening analysis and quality evaluation of their plants or derived herbal products to separate and select useful natural components. Today, there are also ever-increasing demands for drug analysis, consumer product monitoring and many other applications as well. Thin layer chromatography (TLC) has become an essential and universal tool for analysts and researchers in their chemical analysis. It only requires very small quantities of the compound, and is also a simple, quick, and low cost and robust method fulfilling most of chemist’s task.
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the First Name in TLC

A pioneer in Planar Chromatography for more than fifty years, CAMAG's sophisticated instruments and automated solutions make it the world leader in instrumental TLC. It continues to lead developments in the field, with research yielding recent innovations such as its system for managing dried blood spot (DBS) samples and the TLC-MS Interface, hyphenating TLC and mass spectrometry for easy identification of substances on the plate.
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Versatile Sample Preparation

Chemspeed Technologies innovative instruments and technologies enable automated workflows which speed up processing in research and development laboratories. Chemspeed’s higher output, cost-effective and targeted workflow solutions are at work in many industries worldwide including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, catalysts, polymers, biomaterials, specialty chemicals, and nutrition.
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Sophisticated Drug Testing Instruments

Sotax is a leading solution provider for the pharmaceutical industry, serving customers in the pharmaceutical and science industries in more than 40 countries around the world. Their sophisticated test instruments for tablets and other dosage forms are made to the highest standards of world-renowned Swiss quality and reliability, and offer different levels of automation to meet varying user needs. They meet all USP, EP, FDA, FIP guidelines and most Sotax products are in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.
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Precision Dispensing on a Microscopic Scale

Microdrop Technologies focuses on high quality products and services for R&D and industrial applications. Microdrop dispensing instruments facilitate precision microdispensing of liquids in the pl to µl range, making them ideal for the deposition of nanoparticles as well as for many other applications. Application areas include sensor technology, minimal lubrication, polymer electronics, micromechanics, optics and biological systems.
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Advanced Crystallization Systems

Technobis's advanced crystallization systems are extensively used by the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. They improve and accelerate crystallization research, making it easy for the user to visualize, understand and control the crystallization process. From preclinical screening to process optimization, Technobis's systems offer invaluable assistance throughout the various stages of the drug development life cycle.
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Superior HPLC and SFC Separation Systems

Sepiatec's solutions include Sepbox systems for the automated separation of compounds from natural sources using two-dimensional HPLC and HPLC-SPE coupling; Sepmatix HPLC systems which work with 8 channels in parallel to speed up method development significantly; and the SFC version of the Sepmatix system, which combines Sepiatec's parallel technology with the advantages of SFC to be faster, safer and more cost-effective.
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