Chemspeed – Versatile Sample Preparation

Chemspeed Technologies innovative instruments and technologies enable automated workflows which speed up processing in research and development laboratories. Chemspeed’s higher output, cost-effective and targeted workflow solutions are at work in many industries worldwide including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, catalysts, polymers, biomaterials, specialty chemicals, and nutrition.

Chemspeed’s integrated product line is built on a standard platform offering modularity and flexibility, supported by more than 50 interchangeable robotic tools and accessories, a wide selection of reactors and vessels, and the AutoSuite user interface software. This allows convenient integration with a wide range of third-party equipment, making its advanced sample preparation capabilities ideal for preparing the input to many laboratory processes.

Sample Preparation


A modular robotic platform designed for automated reaction and sample preparation, the Chemspeed SWING’s versatility makes it suitable for sample preparation across a diverse array of applications and facilitates high-throughput automation of substance handling tasks.


Autoplant/ Multiplant

A software-driven robotic platform designed for R&D processes, Chemspeed’s automated Autoplant and its semi-automated variant, the Multiplant, facilitate high-output experimentation in the development and optimization of polymers (e.g. polyolefins, nano-latex, polyamides, acrylics and PU), specialty chemicals, catalysts for polyolefins and many more. Both are based on the same MiniPlant technology, in which a downscaled tank reactor provides all the required functionalities to mimic an industrial process, making them ideal for synthesis and other R&D applications in pharmaceuticals and other industries as diverse as materials science, organic chemistry, agrochemicals, fine & specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, catalysts and many more.

Synthesizer SLTII

Chemspeed's Synthesizer SLTII is a modular robotic platform enabling automated synthesis on a single platform under virtually any conditions. The versatility of the Synthesizer Platform allows full automation of complete workflows including reagent preparation (liquids and solids), multistep synthesis, workup, purification, analysis and product transfer to storage. It combines fully automated and unattended synthesis with innovative chemical handling techniques capable of dispensing solids as conveniently and accurately as liquids.

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