Quality control is indispensable in the pharmaceutical product development process to ensure that the drug substance and other raw materials are suitable for use in your drug product and to ensure that the drug product manufactured meets the quality standards.

Quality control is required throughout the entire development process, from drug substance and raw material control, through intermediate drug product testing, to finished drug product release testing, bioavailability and stability studies. By having a comprehensive understanding of the physical and chemical properties of your drug substances and drug products, you can develop the most appropriate drug product formulations. Nikyang represents the pharmaceutical testing leader, SOTAX in providing the testing equipment in the development and production processes for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Our extensive market and process know-how enable us to meet our customers’ requirements and comply with the USP, EP and CP requirements relevant to them. We are also open to cooperation with new industries.



A fully scalable and modular dissolution sampling apparatus

AT 70smart

AT 70smart

Fully automated dissolution tester

CE 7smart

Dissolution tester for poorly soluble and release control dose forms

Physical Testing

DT 50

Optimized tablet disintegration tester

FT 2

Automated tablet friability testing device

ST 50

The SMARTEST Semi-Automatic hardness tester

MT 50

The FASTEST manual hardness tester


Automatic Tablet Testing System

TD 1

Versatile tap density tester

Sample Preparation


Automated Tablet Processing Workstation


API Workstation


Media Preparation Station for dissolution media

FS 7 - Automated filter change workstation

Suitable for all SOTAX dissolution systems, this automated filter workstation automates filter changes after each sampling point for extended testing and media change methods. The standalone FS 7 provides reliable filter changes and solves the filter clogging and saturation problems commonly associated with 25 mm diameter filters.

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