Automatic media preparation to speed up dissolution testing

Media Preparation Station for dissolution media

When USP 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 dissolution tests are carried out, the preparation of the media and its degassing, tempering and accurate metering into the test vessels involves substantial effort. The SOTAX MPS (Media Preparation Station) automates these tasks, permitting the efficient preheating and degassing of the dissolution media using SOTAX Thin Film Technology™, as well as fast and accurate filling. For even greater efficiency, the use of concentrates allows the system to further reduce media preparation time.

All aspects of the media preparation process are automatically controlled. This improves dissolution test reliability and repeatability, and is particularly beneficial in laboratories where many short tests are carried out or where several dissolution units are used.

  • Very compact mobile unit, but able to handle up to 20 litres of media, sufficient for up to three dissolution tests, with >99.5 % accuracy, fulfilling USP requirements
  • Easy to use, clean, observe, program and validate
  • Automatically controlled degassing and temperature-adjusting functions
  • Highly accurate and fast delivery pump with 1,500 mI/min flow rate fills dissolution tester in approximately three minutes
  • Automatically controlled emptying and cleaning function flushes glass vessel and the entire tubing and valve system thoroughly. The system’s open architecture allows for easy visual inspection of the cleaning process
  • Key data shown on display and may be printed
  • Gravimetric self-calibration option with built-in balance and automatic report generation for ease of validation
  • R&D and QC in pharmaceutical industry
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