Automated Tablet Processing Workstation

Sample preparation and analysis for solid dosage forms and intermediate granulations

The TPW Tablet Processing Workstation from SOTAX performs fully automated sample preparation and analysis for the most common pharmaceutical tests in Development and Quality Assurance functions, such as Stability and Uniformity testing. The TPW is specifically designed to prepare and analyse pharmaceutical solid dosage forms and intermediate granulations.

The TPW robotic assay workstation has improved productivity in many labs for over 15 years. It uses a high shear homogenizer to disperse samples in a vessel containing 20–100 mL or 50–500 mL of solvent, making it ideal to efficiently extract analyte for Tablet and Capsule Stability Indicating Assays, Tablet and Capsule Content Uniformity, and Blend and Granulation Uniformity.

  • High capacity – up to 100 samples can run unattended using a single-step solution
  • Flexible usage – easy handling and method flexibility; more flexible analytical method with offline system
  • Analytical quality and reliability ensure fast, consistent and accurate results
  • Dilution ratios as high as 1:10,000 can be performed
  • Versatile tool kits can copy the existing analytical method absolutely
  • Online coupling with UV/HPLC
  • Easy-to-use control software, compatible with SQL Server Enterprise Edition for integration with electronic systems and for database sharing within an organization
  • Developed and refined in collaboration with users to ensure that their real needs are met.
  • Compact benchtop design
  • Conforms fully to current industry requirements – accepted by the FDA and other regulatory agencies.
  • R&D and QC in pharmaceutical industry
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