Automated workstation for rapid filter changing

SOTAX 过滤器 更换

Automated filter change workstation

Suitable for all SOTAX dissolution systems, this automated filter workstation automates filter changes after each sampling point for extended testing and media change methods. The standalone FS provides reliable filter changes and solves the filter clogging and saturation problems commonly associated with 25 mm diameter filters.

  • Online or offline usage: with online UV / VIS, off-line sample collection or on- / offline semi-automated SOTAX dissolution systems; no retrofit needed
  • Convenient method transfer and validation
  • Controllable by 21 CFR Part 11 compliant WinSOTAXplus advanced dissolution software and AT  Xtend™ firmware
  • Uses SOTAX certified Pall™ PSF filters and common brand 25 mm luer-lock filters down to 0.45 micron pore size
  • Filters number: 7*20
  • R&D and QC in pharmaceutical industry



TPW 片剂样品前处理工作站可用于药物开发和质量保证中最常见药物测试的全自动样品前处理和分析,例如稳定性和均匀度测试等。

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