Fully automated sample preparation and analysis for common API tests

Automated Active Ingredient Processing Workstation

The APW Active Ingredient Processing Workstation from SOTAX performs fully automated sample preparation and analysis for the most common Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) tests in pharmaceutical Development and Quality Assurance functions, such as Stability and Uniformity testing. Fully automated sample preparation provides fast, consistent and accurate analytical results, greatly enhancing work efficiency.

The APW robotic assay workstation is a third-generation product that has improved productivity in many labs for over 15 years. It may be used for diverse applications, including API assay, API stability and other impurities, residual components, cleaning validation, creams and semi-solid dosage forms, drug loaded medical devices, and other extractions for assay.

  • Flexibility in applications – in addition to APIs, can also handle smaller samples for other applications
  • Flexible testing mode
  • Overlapping methods allow serial dilutions to be performed
  • Conforms fully to current industry requirements – accepted by the FDA and other regulatory agencies
  • Processes samples in 16 mm x 100 mm tubes
  • Up to 9 solvents or reagents are available
  • Dispenses samples in test tubes with volumes 0.5 – 10ml
  • Excellent weight accuracy
  • Easy-to-use control software, compatible with SQL Server Enterprise Edition for integration with electronic systems and for database sharing within an organization.
  • Developed and refined in collaboration with users to ensure that their real needs are met.
  • Compact benchtop design.
  • R&D and QC in pharmaceutical industry
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