High throughout dissolution testing

A fully scalable and modular dissolution sampling apparatus

Incorporating the concept the modular, scalable and future-proof technologies, AT dissolution apparatus provides a complete and flexible sampling solution in R&D and QC laboratories.

With AT as the core component in the dissolution system, it enables user flexibly combines its standardized modules such as the dissolution bath, pump, filter station, and sample manager for different automation requirements. Whenever you choose from manual to semi- and fully automated dissolution systems, AT can adapt to the demanding marketing changes in pharmaceutical environment and allow extending the solution easily, securing your long-term investment

  • Fulfills all Pharmacopeia requirements for USP 1, 2, 5, 6 dissolution methods and FDA guidelines, which fits for different testing requirements
  • 100% visibility can be realized through the innovative circular bath design with CenterView™ video monitoring. Precise temperature control and easy cleaning can be achieved.
  • The proven SOTAX AutoCompliance concept with fixed shaft height and vessel positioning guarantees 100% compliance without time-consuming adjustments by the operator. The quick-lock system also brings simple handling processes.
  • User-friendly with EasyTouch™ allows intuitive viewing and easy control on method storage, user rights, USB and LAN interface.
  • Flexibility is maximized with support for all dosage forms and various vessel styles.
  • Support Methods: Basket, paddle over disk, rotating cylinder, extraction cell, mini paddle, China paddle, stationary basket, intrinsic and other non-commercial methods
  • Store up to 100 methods
  • Integrated with its CP Pump to become a completed offline system, offering pull filter porosity down to 0. 45 microns and push at down to 0.2 microns
  • Different vessel types for option: 1L, 2L, Mini vessel, Immersion Cell vessel, Peak vessel, China vessel , Vessel material: 1L / 2L: made of glass, polycarbonate, Teflon-coated, inactinic glass
  • Other vessels: on demand
  • Dimension: (For 1L bath) 560m (w) x 710mm (D) x 940mm ; (For 2L bath) 560m (w) x 710mm (D) x 1040mm
  • Weight: (For 1L bath) 56kg ; (For 2L bath) 57kg
  • Pharmaceutical QC and R&D

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