Tap Density Tester

The most flexible Tap Density Tester for EP, ASTM, USP I and USP 2 Tests​

SOTAX TD1 comes with new housing in contemporary silver design. It measures the tapped density and tapped volumes of powders, granules, pellets, flakes and other bulk substances according to EP, ASTM and USP regulations. This technique is useful in powder compression and flowability studies as well as to determine the amount of settlement during transit and packaging.

TD1 is calculated by mechanically tapping an initial volume of powder within a volumetric cylinder for a predefined time (raising and rotating the cylinder and allowing it to drop a specified distance under its own weight) until no further volume change is observed. Other proven functions and options such as the fast and efficient SingleButton™ operation allow navigating quickly through the user menu, or printing via Ethernet LAN.

  • Handles variety of test methods: USP I, USP II, EP, DIN ISO, ASTM, user-specified
  • Automatic selection of test method by detection of drop height adapter
  • One single position for all measurements with “easy to lock” holders which allow free rotation of the cylinders
  • Complies with USP 616, ASTM B 527, DIN EN ISO 787-11 and EP 2.9.34
  • Digital LCD display with easy to scroll menus and EP, USP, user-configurable methods
  • Ethernet and RS232 ports for printer and RS232 port for balance
  • Calculation and print-out of test results such as Tapped Density, Compressibility Index and Hausner ratio
  • Can use 100 ml and 250 ml cylinders
  • Strokes/min: 50 – 300 (300 for USP I, 250 for USP II/EP)
  • Stroke height: 14 mm +/-2 (USP I), 3 mm +/-0.3 (USP II/EP)
  • R&D and QC in pharmaceutical industry
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