TLC Scanner 4

Advanced densitometric evaluation workstation for TLC/HPTLC

Advanced Densitometric Evaluation of TLC/HPTLC and Other Planar Objects

The TLC Scanner 4 is the most advanced workstation of its kind for TLC/HPTLC, and offers very short measurement times. With the TLC Scanner 4 absorption and fluorescence excitation spectra can be easily recorded. It can also be used for similar measurements of other planar objects.

  • Fully automatic easy-to-use winCATS control software keeps the operator informed of progress and provides a full report printout of the entire analysis. The modular design of winCATS allows the operator to select or disable the individual steps of TLC for different tasks.
  • Wide range of scanning options including quantitative evaluation, sub-component evaluation, dual-wavelength scan at two individually selectable wavelengths to eliminate matrix effects, and automatic multi-wavelength scan at up to 36 different wavelengths to achieve optimum selectivity.
  • Scanner qualification (self-testing) automatically monitors the mechanical, optical and electronic functions of the scanner.
  • Track optimization by repeated scanning of each track with a small lateral offset enables the optimum track following the peak maxima to be calculated, allowing distorted chromatograms to be correctly read and evaluated.
  • Measurement of up to 36 tracks with up to 100 substances per track
  • Integration either with automatic or manual baseline correction and peak assignment
  • Automatic or easy manual assignment of substance names to peaks
  • Automatic recording of spectra of all detected peaks
  • User can create own spectrum library
  • Report printout includes all measurement data and colour images of the TLC/HPTLC plate
  • Three light sources – high pressure mercury lamp, deuterium lamp, and or halogen-tungsten lamp – cover different portions of the spectrum
  • Clinical applications
  • Food and Feedstuffs, e.g. evaluation of water-based dyes in food
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Herbals
  • Cosmetics
  • Environmental
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