Autoplant/ Multiplant

Versatile robotic platform for high-throughput experimentation

Software-driven robotic platform for semi- or fully-automated R&D processes

A software-driven robotic platform designed for R&D processes, Chemspeed’s automated Autoplant and its semi-automated variant, the Multiplant, facilitate high-output experimentation in the development and optimization of polymers (e.g. polyolefins, nano-latex, polyamides, acrylics and PU), specialty chemicals, catalysts for polyolefins and many more. Both are based on the same MiniPlant technology, in which a downscaled tank reactor provides all the required functionalities to mimic an industrial process, making them ideal for synthesis and other R&D applications in pharmaceuticals and other industries as diverse as materials science, organic chemistry, agrochemicals, fine & specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, catalysts and many more.

The Autoplant POSY, designed to automate olefin synthesis protocols, supports faster & better polyolefin catalyst discovery and polyolefin synthesis optimization. With high-performance polyolefin reactors and a flexible configuration, it features individually controlled tank reactors with precise continuous feeds. Up to 8 continuous liquid and/or gas feeds per reactor can be handled with precise continuous feeding of gases such as ethylene or propylene or liquefied gases such as ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, butadiene or isobutylene at a pressure up to 100 bar. The POSY offers unlimited flexibility for fully automated specialty gases chemistry: olefin polymerization, alkylene oxide polymerization, butylene chemistry, and more.

The Autoplant PRECIP is designed to automate (mixed) oxides preparation by pH-controlled precipitation, ion exchange, and the sol-gel process in the catalyst & materials industry. Its software-driven automated workflow solution ensures precise control at every stage of the workflow: reaction preparation, synthesis, work-up, and post-reaction treatment. It also supports tailor-made analytics.

Other Autoplant / Multiplant variants are available to meet a wide range of differing needs, including:

    • FC for fuel cell catalyst discovery and optimization
    • PRORES for process research
    • POLY for polymerization
    • ZEO for zeolite development
      • Wide selection of exchangeable robotic tools, interchangeable with other Chemspeed platforms, delivers more than 50 features and analytical capability.
      • Large choice of hardware and software tools allows fine-tuned adaptation to your workflow.
      • Easy-to-use intuitive workflow-task-driven software.
      • Unrivalled overhead gravimetric dispensing technology.


  • Dispensing tools include overhead gravimetric dispensing unit for solids, viscous liquids and pastes; multi-channel liquid handling unit.
  • Action tools include high-shear homogenising and sonifying tools; and tools for capping, decapping, crimping, gripping, and barcode scanner.
  • Analytic tools include particle size distribution and dynamic light scattering; pH and temperature measurement, etc.
  • Up to 40 (Autoplant) or 6 (Multiplant) high quality, flexible and modular reactors.
  • Different feeding modes available.
  • Compact benchtop design with optional trolley.
  • Fast Process R&D.
  • Organic and inorganic synthesis, reactions under pressure (process research, optimization and scale-up).
  • Preparative synthesis.
  • Validation.
  • Polymer synthesis (mass-, solution-, pressure-, emulsion-polymerization).
  • Formulation.
  • Crystallization.

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