Enjoy the full benefits of high-throughput crystallization experimentation

Technobis Crystal16 高通量结晶系统

ml-scale parallel crystallizer with novel non-intrusive turbidity probe

Combining powerful performance with ease of use, the Crystal16 multiple reactor station is designed for automated crystallization screening research, enabling users to greatly accelerate their research – for example, solubility curves can be determined within 4 hours using only 100mg.

Originally developed for medium throughput crystallization studies, the Crystal16 has also been successfully used in other areas such as polymer solubility studies and process chemistry. The Crystal16 can help in the design of useful experiments and the analysis of the vast amounts of data generated, assisting users to make crucial decisions throughout the entire drug development life cycle.

Producing reproducible and controllable results faster and more efficiently, the Crystal16 has earned wide acceptance among researchers in a diverse range of industries.

  • 1ml-scale reaction saves on samples.
  • 16 parallel reactors allow 16 parallel crystallization experiments in small volumes with online turbidity measurement.
  • Compact size saves valuable laboratory space.
  • Non-intrusive probe provides real-time turbidity measurements while avoiding cross-contamination.
  • Optional easy-to-use CrystalClear software package provides detailed analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • 4 blocks with independently programmable temperature and stirring control with stir bar enable one system to be used simultaneously by several operators.
  • Temperature range: -15°C to 100°C.
  • Precise temperature control (0.1 °C) and fast heating / cooling rate.
  • With a footprint of 30 x 50 cm, it takes up only a minimum of valuable laboratory space.
  • The operating software is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP & Windows 7.
  • Fast solubility curve determination
  • Fast MSZW determination
  • Polymorph screening
  • Salt screening
  • Co-crystal screening
  • Solvent and anti-solvent screening
  • Single crystal growth
  • Polymer dissolution studies
  • Impurity impact
  • Polymorph stability (slurry experiments)
  • Chiral separation / crystallization
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