Linomat 5

Bandwise sample application by spray-on technique for Planar Chromatography

Semi-automatic Bandwise Sample Application by Spray-on Technique

The Linomat 5 offers semi-automatic non-contact spray-on sample application for qualitative and quantitative analyses as well as for preparative separations. The instrument is suitable for routine use for medium sample throughput.

With the Linomat, samples are sprayed onto the chromatographic layer (conventional or HPTLC) in the form of narrow bands of selectable length, allowing larger sample volumes to be applied than by contact transfer (spotting). This technique – also featured in the CAMAG Automatic TLC Sampler – ensures the highest resolution attainable with any given planar chromatographic system, and has become a worldwide synonym for quality in planar chromatographic analysis.

  • Even sample distribution allows densitometric evaluation to be done by aliquot scanning, i.e. measuring only the centre slice, which ensures best quantitative accuracy.
  • Solvent-independent results give improved separation.
  • Supports application onto a range of objects of variable thickness (up to 4 mm) – e.g. conventional TLC and HPTLC layers on glass plates or sheets, preparative layers, and very thin objects such as membranes – up to 20 x 20 cm. without any adjustment to the spray nozzle.
  • Computer-controlled by the winCATS Planar Chromatography Manager which handles all data input, monitoring and storage for subsequent densitometric evaluation. Only changing the sample has to be done manually. Standalone operation is also supported.
  • Applied for overspotting and batch dosages
  • Equipped with 100µl needle (500µl for spare) – can be removed and rinsed without cross-contamination
  • Compliant with the requirements of GLP/cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11
  • Clinical applications
  • Food and Feedstuffs
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Herbals
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial applications
  • Forensics
  • Environmental
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