Precision Dispensing on a Microscopic Scale

Microdrop Technologies focuses on high quality products and services for R&D and industrial applications. Microdrop dispensing instruments facilitate precision microdispensing of liquids in the pl to µl range, making them ideal for the deposition of nanoparticles as well as for many other applications. Application areas include sensor technology, minimal lubrication, polymer electronics, micromechanics, optics and biological systems.

Microdrop offers several ranges of products for printing and material deposition including the inkjet-based Autodrop and MD series, and the valve-based Nanojet series. Both series provide a range of different dispensing heads for various applications. The products are characterized by high dispensing accuracy, modular assembly and application-specific adaptabilities. To complement each dispensing technique, microdrop offers different positioning systems, training and application-specific solutions.


Autodrop Compact

An ideal entry point to the use of inkjet technology in R&D

Autodrop Gantry

Versatile platform for inkjet printing and material deposition on various substrates

Autodrop Professional

Advanced platform for high precision inkjet printing in the μm-range


Semi-automatic dispenser system for material deposition / liquid handling

Nanojet Microdispenser

Precise contactless liquid dispensing for larger volumes

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