Semi-automatic dispenser system for material deposition / liquid handling

Semi-automatic printing system

An inkjet technology based dispenser system for material deposition and liquid handling for pl to µl volumes, the MD-E-3000 is a semi-automatic printing system (without automatic positioning function) ideal for R&D applications.

The MD-E-3000 can drive at most 3 microdrop dispenser heads, which function according to the same principle as an inkjet printer, generating a micro-fine droplet of liquid at the nozzle tip which departs from the dispenser head at high speed.

  • Choice of control methods via touch panel control or TTL-interface
  • Exceptionally precise dispensing – can generate droplets down to 15µm
  • Choice of dispenser heads for different viscosities from 0.4-10,000 mPas, with or without heating function
  • Single droplets at periodic time intervals (max. 6,000Hz)
  • Droplet release via control input (external trigger)
  • Internal or external trigger for dispensing
  • Dimensions: w:225mm/h:178mm/d:315mm
  • Weight: approx. 3kg
  • Microtechnology

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