Autodrop Professional

Advanced platform for high precision inkjet printing in the μm-range

Versatile High-Precision Inkjet Printing Platform

The microdrop Autodrop system provides a versatile platform for inkjet printing and material deposition on a broad range of substrates. The most advanced model, the Autodrop Professional Positioning System MD-P-802 is a versatile printing platform designed for high precision in the μm-range. Using the same advanced inkjet printing technology as the mid-range Autodrop Gantry, but featuring a range of enhanced capabilities, it is suitable for both R&D and production applications.

An extensive range of dispenser heads is available, offering flexibility for a wide array of uses.

  • Highly accurate dispensing either in “start-stop”-mode or in-flight, i.e. while the head is moving, with control of up to 8 dispenser heads (with 12ml storage bin) and/or pipettes in parallel
  • Flowbox optional
  • High positioning accuracy and control via the Autodrop Professional Positioning System. The substrate is placed on the x-y-table and is moved relative to the dispenser heads, while the z-axis which moves the dispenser heads up and down is stable.
    • Travel range: x-axis 200mm, y-axis 200mm, z-axis 80mm
    • Positioning accuracy: ± 5μm (x- and y-axis alone), z-axis ± 10μm
    • High axis accuracy: repetition +/- 1µm; absolute +/- 5 µm
    • High speed operation – speed: max. 125mm/s (x- and y-axis), max. 75mm/s and acceleration: max. 1,000mm/s2
  • Load: max. 10kg for x-y-table, 1.5kg for z-axis
  • Viscosity range: 1…10,000 mPas
  • Dimensions: w:800mm (without monitor tablet), h:1900mm, d:750mm
  • Weight: approx.: 380kg
  • Drive: DC-Servomotors, x-and y-axis 150 W, z-axis 30W
  • Microtechnology
  • Material Sciences
  • Plastic electronics
  • Life sciences / biochemistry
  • Printed Electronics
  • Polymer Research
  • Meteorology Research
  • Medical Engineering
  • Deposition of silver and gold nanoparticles

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