Autodrop Gantry

Versatile platform for inkjet printing and material deposition on various substrates

Sophisticated automatic printing system supporting 8 parallel dispenser heads

The microdrop Autodrop system provides a versatile platform for inkjet printing and material deposition on a broad range of substrates. The Autodrop Gantry is a sophisticated automatic printing system with support for up to 8 parallel dispenser heads or pipettes. Designed for inline production, it can be used on many surfaces, e.g. plastics and stents; conducting polymers used in electronic devices such as OLED's, displays, solar cells, sensors, RFID-Tags, conductive lines; and others.

The Autodrop Gantry's versatile positioning unit and different dispenser options make it suitable for such dispensing applications as biochips, solar cells, displays, gas sensors and fuel cells. An extensive range of dispenser heads is available, offering flexibility for a wide array of uses. The Autodrop Gantry has no disposable parts.

  • Contactless parallel dispensing in pl to µl range, with control of up to 8 parallel dispenser heads and/or pipettes
  • Positioning accuracy and control ensured through software-controlled 3-axis system with positioning accuracy of ± 25μm each axis, generous travel range of 360mm x 600mm x 100mm (x-, y-, z-axis), and repetition accuracy of ± 10μm each axis
  • High speed operation with max. speed of 500mm/s and max. acceleration of 1000mm/s2
  • Advanced graphics capability provided by optional Graphics Design Editor with continuous path control, allowing the operator to define any desired pattern
  • Flexibility in size and type of substrates – extension by feeding system permits use on larger substrates or multiple µl plates; different kinds of substrates can be integrated on the same platform
  • Easy refilling and cleaning of dispensing system
  • Dispensing for a large fluid viscosity range
  • Load: max. 5kg for all axes in total.
  • Dimensions: w: 850mm, h: 1900mm, d: 1100mm
  • Weight: approx. 500kg
  • Drive: DC-Servomotors, x- and z-axis 150W, y-axis 2 x 150W
  • Microtechnology
  • Material Sciences
  • Plastic electronics
  • Life sciences / biochemistry
  • Printed Electronics
  • Polymer Research
  • Meteorology Research
  • Medical Engineering
  • Deposition of silver nanoparticles

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