Nanojet Microdispenser

Precise contactless liquid dispensing for larger volumes

Valve-based semi-automatic printing system

The Nanojet Microdispenser is a semi-automatic printing system (without automatic positioning function) which uses valve-based technology for precise contactless liquid dispensing in the nl to µl range. The system is appropriate for dispensing volumes of 300nl or larger.

The Nanojet technology forms a liquid jet by means of a time/pressure-controlled dispenser system. Liquid from a pressurized reservoir is pressed into the dispenser head, which consists of a micro valve and a nozzle. By opening the valve, liquid flows through the nozzle and forms a well-defined jet.

  • Precise dispensing of volumes down to 300 nl (MJ-K-303 head) or 50 nl (MJ-K-103 head) ensured by electronic control of the valve in combination with pressure control
  • Laminar jet is stable over a wide range before breaking off into droplets
  • Choice of dispenser heads for different applications
  • Maximum repetition frequency 100Hz
  • High resistance against aggressive fluids
  • Range of nozzle diameters from 50μm up to 500μm
  • Microtechnology

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